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Lee English, “The Corgi Lady”
519 N. O’Brien  Point
Lecanto, Florida   34461

Phone: 352-563-6827 (No texting, please)

Deposit Information:

When the puppies are born and you pick one, it takes a $200 deposit to reserve it. If you cannot take the puppy and notify me before it is seven weeks old, I will refund $100 of your deposit. The deposit can be made by check, M.O., cash or Paypal using my email address. Please bring cash when picking up your puppy.

As the puppy that you picked is growing up and I find something to be concerned about, I will tell you and we can go from there. For instance, the puppy could have a fluffy coat, be a very strong outgoing puppy, or be a very quiet puppy.

This rarely happens but it could have a overbite, a retained testicle or umbilical hernia. In that case you are not stuck with the puppy you picked. You can move your deposit to another puppy if I have one available, or I will return your deposit or offer you a discount.