What is an Auggie? The Auggie is a medium-sized breed that’s a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Also known as the Aussie-Corgi, Auggi, or Augie, the Auggie is classified as a herding dog. This breed makes an excellent family pet. An Auggie dog gets along easily with people and other animals but would require lots of exercise and play. Being allowed ample opportunities to go outside and play would be more than enough to keep its high energy levels contained.  (Source: Papmaw blog)

When I first started to get into American Corgis, the blue merles from a Pembroke Welsh Corgi crossed with Cardigan Welsh Corgi, I was sold some blue merle auggie puppies by a few dishonest breeders. But I found I really liked them just the same. Then I decided to do the cross myself. What do they look like?…….. well a cross of the two breeds, as you might expect. Here are photos of three that I have owned, along with puppies from my first two litters of auggies.

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